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Upcoming Shows

Past Shows



February 4th: Bad Jimmy's Brewing Co. - Seattle, WA
February 12th: Darrell's Tavern - Seattle, WA
March 4th: Blue Moon Tavern - Seattle, WA
March 18th: Conor Byrne - Seattle, WA
March 19th: The Hidden Door - Seattle, WA
March 27th: The Spanish Ballroom - Tacoma, WA
April 1st: Blue Moon Tavern - Seattle, WA
April 9th: Jules Maes Saloon - Seattle, WA
April 16th: Collectors Choice- Snohomish, WA
April 22nd: The Rolling Log - Issaquah, WA
April 29th: Grape and Grain (Solo Acoustic) - Everett, WA
May 14th: Trenchers (Solo Acoustic) - Renton, WA
May 20th: Pono Ranch - Seattle, WA
June 10th: Bad Jimmy's Brewing - Seattle, WA
June 12th: Maple Valley Days - Maple Valley, WA
July 8th: Bruchelle’s Bistro (Solo Acoustic) - Covington, WA
July 15th: Moe's Coffee (Solo Acoustic) - Arlington, WA
July 16th: The Skylark - Seattle, WA
July 29th: Wine Walk (Solo Acoustic) - Snoquamie, WA
August 12th: Paradise Farms- Woodinville, WA

August 13th: Engel's Pub- Edmonds, WA
August 20th: Toddstock - Black Diamond, WA
September 10th: Trenchers - Renton, WA
September 15th: Shanghai Room (Solo Acoustic)- Seattle, WA

April 2nd: Kimball's - Gig Harbor, WA
May 28th: The Mirkwood - Arlington, WA
May 29th: The Aurora Borealis - Shoreline, WA
July 4th: Mt. Si Jam - North Bend, WA
July 10th: The Hidden Door - Seattle, WA
July 16th: The Skylark - Seattle, WA
August 21st: ToddStock - Black Diamond, WA
August 27th: Wine Walk (Solo Acoustic)  - Snoqualmie, WA
August 28th: Kimberpalooza - Gig Harbor, WA
September 3rd: The Rusty Elbow - Kent, WA
September 10th: Kimball's - Gig Harbor, WA
September 25th: The Hidden Door - Seattle, WA
October 24th: The Factory Luxe - Seattle, WA
October 29th: Lucky Liquor - Seattle, WA
November 13th: The Skylark - Seattle, WA
November 19: Slim's Last Chance - Seattle, WA
November 27th: The Mirkwood - Arlington, WA
December 11th: Darrell's Tavern - Seattle, WA
December 17th: Jules Maes Saloon - Georgetown, WA